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Expanded access to high speed Internet generates major economic growth and rapid job creation. High-speed connections accelerate business development by providing new opportunities and resources for innovation, expansion, e-commerce and education.


A dependable water supply is essential to economic growth and stability. With 19,000 acres of water at hand, Rend Lake Intercity Water System supplies water to 7 counties in the Southern Illinois region. Each year Rend Lake attracts more than 3.6 million visitors and provides recreational opportunities for those who make Franklin County their home.


Franklin County has convenient access to three colleges, a university and a workforce training center along with an excellent county school system.


Franklin County has more than 181 thousand acres being farmed each year resulting in about $55 million in revenue. Livestock producers account for about $15 million in sales. The average farm is approximately 255 acres with several larger corporate farming operations.


Coal mining is one of Franklin County’s largest industries with two active underground mines. Several coal-related product and service companies are located in the county to meet the needs of underground mining.


There are four industrial parks in Franklin County that include sites with utilities and some available structures. 


There are Six TIFF Districts and Two Enterprise Zones in Franklin County.