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A Message from Mayor Mitchell:

As an introduction, I have served as Mayor since May 1999.  Time certainly does fly as the city and its people have changed since that date.  

We now have only two living WWII veterans out of the 400 from our community that served.  The “Greatest Generation” for the most part is now history.  They certainly experienced the growth of our community in the 1920’s and survived the Great Depression as well as WWII. 

Much of our city was built during their youth and as they aged so did the infrastructure.  The water and sewer, sidewalks, & housing were all new when they came of age.  These are fundamental issues which the local government addresses.

Because of this, we have responded by beginning a water line replacement program. It started in 1999 as I entered the office. We are now on Phase VI of seven phases to complete a new water system.  This is vital to a community for health as well as safety reasons.  We now enjoy a fire rating of ISO IV which impacts the insurance bills of our citizens.  This is partly due to the water system and mainly due to the excellence of our fire department.  I will also note that Wilcox Avenue on which I reside will be the last street on the renewal project.

We have also responded to the housing needs of our community by utilizing Community Development Assistance Program. Grants have helped to upgrade the homes of those that require a helping hand to renovate their roofs, electrical, plumbing, heating, windows, siding, etc.  As the City changes, we in the city government adapt to the changing needs of our 1800 citizens.

Zeigler-FREDCOThe Dobry Municipal building

Work continues on a new medical center that will provide outpatient services. From water damage and mold to a clean canvas, the old bank building in Zeigler has been stripped out. “All the drywall, ceilings, floor, everything has been removed,” says Mayor Dennis Mitchell. A surprise donation of $230,000 from a local family named “Dobry” helped speed up the project.  As a result, Morthland College Health Services will be housed in the Dobry Municipal building. Dr. Tim Morthland will help set up the clinic. He says there will be a physician there several times a week, along with a full-time mid-level physician.